Terms of Service

Jules Family Vision Policies, Terms and Conditions:

The following “Terms of Service” sets forth the terms and conditions governing your Jules Family Vision account or client experience. By accessing and using our services, including but not limited to marketing, advertising, Consulting, Video Production, social media management, self-tape services, content creation, and collaboration, you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions.

Payment Terms and Policies

1. Payment Obligations: All payments for services rendered by Jules Family Vision must be made in accordance with the agreed-upon terms. Any digital marketing packages, contracts, or invoices purchased from us are non-refundable and considered final.
2. Deposit and Balance: For self-tape services, a non-refundable deposit is required upon booking. The remaining balance is due upon arrival for the recording session.
3. Payment Plan Default: Failure to make payments as agreed upon in the contract will result in the immediate suspension of services until payments are brought up to date. If payment arrangements are put on hold, no additional work will be produced until payments are current, as outlined in the contract.

Web Design and Development

1. Payment: The client acknowledges and agrees to pay the agreed-upon flat fee for the website design and development services provided by Jules Family Vision. This flat fee covers the following:

– Design and development fees
– Domain registration fees
– Hosting fees
– SEO services

2. Ownership and License: Upon receipt of full payment, the client will assume ownership of the website, excluding any third-party elements and content. Jules Family Vision retains the right to showcase the website as part of its portfolio.

3. Third-Party Services and Integration: If the client requests the integration of third-party services, plugins, or tools into the website, Jules Family Vision will provide assistance. Any associated fees, subscriptions, or licenses required for these services are the sole responsibility of the client.

4. Content and Materials: The client is responsible for providing all necessary content, images, and materials required for the website design and development. The client further warrants that all provided content is accurate, lawful, and does not infringe upon any third-party rights, including copyrights and trademarks.

5. Project Timelines and Revisions: Jules Family Vision will make reasonable efforts to deliver the completed website within the agreed-upon timeline. The client agrees to provide prompt feedback and timely revision requests during the development process to ensure the project progresses smoothly.

6. Maintenance, Updates, and Management: After the website design and development project is completed, the client has the option to:
– Pay Jules Family Vision an additional fee for monthly management, maintenance, or updates.
– Hire Jules Family Vision for ongoing website management, including regular updates and maintenance, for an additional fee.

Please note that the flat fee covers the initial website design and development services, as outlined above. Any additional services, such as monthly management, maintenance, or updates, are subject to separate fees. The client can discuss and arrange these services with Jules Family Vision.


1. The fee: Will be based on the scope and duration of the consulting engagement and will be communicated and agreed upon in advance.

2. Scope of Consulting Services: Jules Family Vision will provide professional consulting services based on the agreed-upon scope and objectives. The specific details of the consulting engagement will be outlined in a separate consulting agreement or statement of work.

3. Deliverables: Jules Family Vision will deliver the agreed-upon consulting deliverables as outlined in the consulting agreement or statement of work. These deliverables may include, but are not limited to:
– Strategic recommendations
– Marketing plans
– Branding guidance
– Business development strategies
– Performance analysis and optimization
– Creative solutions tailored to the client’s needs

4. Client Cooperation and Responsibilities: The client agrees to actively participate in the consulting process and provide relevant information and materials necessary for Jules Family Vision to perform the consulting services effectively. The client acknowledges that the success of the engagement relies on their active involvement and timely cooperation.

5. Confidentiality: Jules Family Vision will treat all client information and materials provided during the consulting engagement as confidential. Both parties agree to maintain the confidentiality of any trade secrets, proprietary information, or sensitive data exchanged during the consulting engagement.

6. Intellectual Property Rights: Any intellectual property rights associated with the consulting deliverables created by Jules Family Vision shall belong to Jules Family Vision unless otherwise agreed upon in the consulting agreement or statement of work.

7. Termination: Either party may terminate the consulting engagement by providing written notice to the other party. In the event of termination, the client will compensate Jules Family Vision for any consulting services rendered up until the termination date as outlined in the consulting agreement or statement of work.

8. Liability: Jules Family Vision’s liability for any claims, damages, or losses arising out of the consulting services shall be limited to the consulting fees paid by the client for the specific engagement.

Contact and Communication Policy

1. Communication Channels: To ensure efficient and effective communication, we request that you use the official contact/support page on our website as the primary mode of contact. This allows us to provide prompt responses during our regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM EST).
2. Response Timeframe: We strive to respond to all requests, emails, texts, and phone calls within one business day. Messages received outside of regular business hours or on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays will be addressed on the next business day.


1. Booking and Payment: The client acknowledges and agrees to book the desired session date in advance by paying the specified fee. Payment is required upfront to confirm the booking and is non-refundable.

2. Self-tape Requirements: The client is responsible for providing all necessary elements for a successful self-tape session, including:
– Prepared script or sides
– Any specific instructions or requirements provided by the casting director or production team
– Wardrobe appropriate for the role
– Props or additional materials required for the scene

3. Filming, Editing, and Color Grading: Jules Family Vision will handle the entire process of filming, editing, and color grading the self-tape. The client can expect a professionally edited and color-graded final video.

4. Delivery of Self-Tape: Upon completion, Jules Family Vision will deliver the self-tape to the client via email or through a file-sharing service such as WeTransfer. The client will receive the final self-tape in a commonly used video file format (e.g., MP4).

5. Ownership and Usage Rights: Upon full payment, the client retains ownership of the self-tape. However, Jules Family Vision may request permission to use a portion or all of the self-tape for promotional purposes, such as online portfolios or showreels, with the client’s consent.

6. Confidentiality and Privacy: Jules Family Vision acknowledges the confidential nature of self-tape recordings and will take reasonable measures to ensure the privacy and security of the recorded content. The self-tape will not be shared with any unauthorized third parties without the client’s explicit consent unless required by law.

7. Cancellation and Rescheduling: Once the client has booked a session date, no refunds will be provided for cancellations or rescheduling requests. The client must notify Jules Family Vision of any date changes as early as possible, and a reasonable effort will be made to accommodate the request, subject to availability.

8. Liability: Jules Family Vision will exercise reasonable care in providing self-tape services. However, Jules Family Vision shall not be held liable for any damages, losses, or claims arising from the use or non-use of the self-tape services.

Harassment Policy

Jules Family Vision is committed to providing a respectful and professional environment. We strictly prohibit any form of harassment, including verbal, written, or physical harassment directed at any member of our team. Violations of this policy, such as threats, racial invalidation, derogatory comments, or religious antagonism, will result in the immediate termination of contractual obligations with no further access to our services.

Account Suspension and Follow-Up Policy

1. Account Suspension: If a client fails to respond to emails, texts, or phone calls for a period exceeding 45 days, we reserve the right to suspend the account and halt further work until communication is restored.
2. Resumption of Service: Upon the client’s return after a suspension period, service will resume as normal from the agreed-upon date of service.

Edit Round Policy

1. Initial Edits: We aim to deliver content that meets your expectations. Therefore, each client will receive two rounds of edits for all content, including videos, graphics, and website design, at no additional cost.
2. Additional Edits: Beyond the initial rounds, any further edits will incur a flat-rate cost of $500 per edit round for all content. The client should consolidate their requested changes, and the turnaround time for such edits is 24-48 business hours from the date received.

Ownership of Content and Marketing Materials

1. Client Ownership: All content created by Jules Family Vision, such as graphics, websites, videos, pictures, leads generated, and social media copyrighting, is owned by the client.
2. Portfolio Usage: We may use client content in our portfolio as examples for marketing and advertising purposes, with the understanding that it will be anonymized and presented in an aggregated manner.

Referral and Referral Commission Pay-Out Policy

We value referrals and offer a referral program. If you refer business to Jules Family Vision, you may be eligible to receive a referral payout commission of 10% of the collected revenue from the sale. The commissions for referrals are paid out on the 7th day of the following calendar month for closed sales from the previous month.

Data and Information Request Policy

1. Timely Provision of Information: At times, we may require specific data or information from clients to complete tasks and projects. The client is responsible for providing this information promptly and accurately to avoid delays.
2. Responsibility for Delays: If a client fails to provide requested information despite documented attempts by Jules Family Vision to follow up, we cannot be held responsible for any resulting delays, and no refunds will be issued.