Essential Exposure: Showcase

  • Showcase your business/brand on our company website, including details such as your story, services, location, hours of operation, pricing, sales, and any other information you want potential customers to know.
  • Integration of your social media links on our site to enhance your online presence.
  • Optimization of your content using SEO techniques to ensure easy discoverability on our platform.
  • Additionally, you’ll receive a FREE SOCIAL MEDIA SHOUTOUT on our company’s Facebook, Instagramand Twitter platforms.
  • Each shoutout will be visible for 24 hours on stories and one permanent post on the feed.



With our Essential Exposure showcase package, you’ll secure prime real estate on our company website, guaranteeing your brand’s permanent presence in front of our rapidly expanding audience. Reach potential customers effortlessly as they browse our high-traffic website, ensuring ongoing visibility and recognition.

As a bonus, every showcase package includes a complimentary social media shoutout on our story and page. Watch as your brand’s reach expands further, driving increased traffic and engagement (Facebook, Instagramand Twitter platforms).

You’re taking a significant step towards amplifying your brand’s visibility. With prime real estate on our high-traffic website and complimentary social media shoutouts across Facebook, Instagramand Twitter, your brand is set to reach new heights. Thank you for trusting us to showcase your brand effectively with our Essential Exposure.

Let’s get started today!”


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