About Our Company

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Jules Family Vision (JFV) is more than a creative partner; it’s your pathway to exceptional brand elevation. Co-founded in 2022 by Jimmy C. Jules, a seasoned Haitian-American actor, producer, director, and rapper with over two decades in the entertainment industry. Our dynamic agency enriches brands through engaging content, offering services ranging from branding, social media management, digital makeovers, advertising, website design, and self-tape services, to strategic brand development.

As a black-owned family business, our expertise extends to content creation, advertising, social media marketing, self-tapes, film and TV production, website design, hosting, talent booking, fastvertising, brand strategy, video production, etc. With Jimmy’s equally talented son, Jourdan C. Jules, who earned his associate’s degree from BHC and is actively refining our company through a business program, we form a dynamic duo committed to excellence.

Your One-Stop-Shop Creative Agency

Jules Family Vision Logo Pin BlueJFV delivers top-tier solutions for social media development, cinematic content creation, website development, Brand Consulting, social media advertising, and management. We transcend the traditional creative agency role by becoming your dedicated digital business consultant, reshaping your brand to meet industry demands, and ensuring your work resonates effectively.

Our mission revolves around planning, designing, creating, editing, and publishing content aligned with your business goals and audience preferences. In an increasingly digital landscape, we connect brands with target audiences, rapidly creating captivating marketing campaigns. Our goal is to help your brand excel in a competitive marketplace through concise, high-quality visual content that inspires, communicates, and drives action.


Explore The Possibilities With Us

Whether it’s corporate promotions, advertisements, or content for platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Facebook, we cover it all. Our client base is diverse, including businesses, actors, bands, brands, product launches, nightclubs, artists, and more. We have built a loyal fan base, with people from all around the world visiting our website daily to watch videos and be entertained by our content. Additionally, we excel in creating impactful offline public awareness marketing campaigns through our vast network and expertise in radio, TV, retail promotion, magazines, and innovative guerrilla marketing techniques.

Jimmy C. Jules and NE-YO

With a legacy spanning over two decades, Jimmy C. Jules, our visionary co-founder, also brings a wealth of talent booking expertise to Jules Family Vision. Our co-founder Jimmy infuses his deep industry insights into our talent booking division.

Whether you’re seeking vibrant live performances or screen-ready, stage-perfect, and production-savvy talent, our team ensures your talent needs find their perfect match. We offer more than just exceptional performers; we provide a bridge between high-energy live shows, concerts, and events, and the nuanced world of TV, film, commercial, and print productions.

Choose JFV As Your Creative Partner

Let us help your brand stand out in the digital realm. Contact us today to explore our wide range of services and experience firsthand why we are widely recognized as the best in the business.